A Modern Day Circumcision

Stapler Circumcision In Malaysia

Circumcision is defined as the removal of the foreskin of men’s genital. It is one of the oldest surgical procedures done in history. The Greek historian Herodotus recorded the practice in Egypt in the 5th century BC. The most conventional method is the guillotine circumcision and dorsal slit method which has been practiced since then until now.  These methods are usually associated with lots of bleeding and the results heavily depend on the operator as it depends on their skills and experience to do the procedure. This led to much research being done and new techniques and devices being developed to achieve the most ideal circumcision procedure and best outcome.

closeup of a banana with the skin of its tip removed depicting a circumcised male member

What is an Ideal Circumcision? 

The reason why many new advances in circumcision devices are being produced is that we wanted to achieve the most ideal way of doing it and to get the best outcome out of it. An ideal circumcision would comprise these criteria

  1. Minimal to no bleeding
  2. Painless
  3. Not involved with any injection
  4. Sutureless
  5. Fast recovery time
  6. Standardize aesthetic outcome
  7. Able to resume daily activities as early as 1 day

Let me introduce you to modern Circumcision

As early as 1955, circumcision devices have been developed all over the world to improve circumcision methods. Devices such as clamps and rings have been developed and used until now. All of them are good if done properly and by trained doctors. These devices may allow sutureless and minimal blood loss during the procedure. 

The latest device that is currently gaining popularity among doctors is Stapler circumcision. If you are thinking about undergoing circumcision you should be excited about this technology. It is very easy to get an ideal circumcision outcome with it. As a doctor who has experience with many methods of circumcision, I am very excited about it. Not only does it yield a very good outcome, but it is also by far the safest method there is currently. 

Who needs Circumcision?

There are a few reasons why some men need circumcision.

The most common reasons are Medical issues such as tight foreskin (phimosis) and recurrent infection of the penile head.  Other reasons such as religious belief and mainly to attain better hygiene care of the penis. Men who suffer from Premature ejaculation also can benefit from circumcision if it is done right as the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis. Removing the foreskin will reduce the sensation of the head of the penis and this will delay your reaching orgasm. 

Circumcision is a great procedure for every man.  Talk to a doctor to discuss if you would benefit from it.

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