Author: Dr. Shalan Sugumaran

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How Do I Quit Smoking?

First, congratulate yourself. Just reading this article is a big step toward becoming tobacco-free. We all know the health risks of smoking, but that doesn’t

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IMPLANON – What you need to know!

The World Health Organization (WHO) states, “Reproductive rights embrace certain human rights that are already recognised in national laws, international human rights documents and other

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Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan HGH?

Apabila lelaki mencapai usia 30 tahun, mereka memasuki tempoh yang dikenali sebagai “somatopause,” di mana tahap hormon pertumbuhan manusia mula merosot dengan usia. Hormon pertumbuhan

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All men experience a gradual decline in their testosterone levels after the age of 30. This is quite normal. But for some men, this phenomenon

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Matthew lay on the floor withering in pain.  “When will this nightmare end?” he asked himself. Matthew’s wife looked on helplessly, wishing she could help

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