Author: Dr. Yeoh Wei Siang

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What is Priapism?

Priapism is a condition where men experience a prolonged erection of penis. The full or partial erection can continue for hours and usually is not

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What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in cells. It consists largely of three amino acids which are glutamine, glycine and cysteine. It can help to combat

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How Do I Know If I Have Vaginismus?

What is Vaginismus? Vaginismus is the involuntary tensing or contracting of muscles around the vagina. These involuntary/unintentional muscle spasms happen when something attempts to penetrate

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Delayed Ejaculation

What is delayed ejaculation? Delayed ejaculation is a medical condition that is also called impaired ejaculation. It is a condition in which a man needs

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Short Stature in Children?

For any child, height is an important parameter that your doctor will measure every time you bring your child to follow-up. The height of the

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What is Helicobacter Pylori?

Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacteria that enters your body and lives in the digestive tract. According to a study, when helicobacter pylori reside

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