DTAP Clinic Is Now Your Better Health Partner

After months of work, we are excited to introduce the new DTAP Clinic to everyone. It’s an important moment to us, and we can’t be more excited.

You will begin to see a host of new visual elements making their way into our clinics, platforms and other materials, led by our brand new logo. We are launching all this as part of an update for our brand. Some of you might be asking why we did this, and we think it’s important to explain it before we delve into how these new brand elements are going to be deployed.

The DTAP Clinic brand has undergone significant evolution in its 16 years of existence. While our roots as the “GP with special interest” model deepened, and our expertise in STD and HIV testing and management grew, we continued to evolve our focus to include men’s health, women’s health, acute and chronic disease management. With such an array of services under the brand, we wanted to update it to better reflect everything we have done so far, and will do in the future.

That’s why today, DTAP Clinic is Your Better Health Partner.

The New DTAP Logo

We believe in taking an inside-out approach to the brand, and know that the logo needs to represent what we stand for.


The new logo represents an evolution of the brand. We have retained the iconic ‘+’ sign, keeping the medical symbol that was at the heart of the old logo. If you look closely, there is a hidden ‘+’ in the negative space between the letter “a” and “p”.

We have also given the logo a lively shade of blue, re-energising DTAP’s long-standing commitment into innovation and sustainable healthcare solutions.

Our new tagline, “Your better health partner”, is a commitment from us to go the distance with every one of our patients. We want this tagline to speak volumes about the care that patients at DTAP will receive. At DTAP, it’s all about relationship.

Rolling out across Digital and Physical Spaces

As the DTAP brand sits in both physical and digital spaces, we also made sure that all brand touchpoints are connected in a coherent manner. We recognise that people experience brands in increasingly complex ways, so whether they’re coming to our website, coming to our clinic for the first time or reading a brochure from us, that experience must be consistently warm and familiar.

The only way to achieve this consistence is to deploy the brand with unifying principles…

DTAP’s imagery is professional and inclusive. Across all brand collaterals and website, you will see a common thread: circular connections made whole through participation. This is symbolic of our “partnership” culture of building a consultative relationship with our patient by working with them through various options for their health concerns.

There’s more coming…

In the months to come, you’ll see the new DTAP Clinic brand work its way into every corner of our company. It starts today with our clinic locations at Robertson, Duo and Novena.

We will be flying our digital flag on websites, at events, and on social media as well.

When it’s all said and done, DTAP Clinic’s new brand isn’t just about how far we’ve come, or what value we deliver to the patients that come to us. The new brand is an expression of a future where we become our patient’s better health partner, in every step of life’s long, sometimes meandering path.

Dr. Alan Tan
Executive Chairman

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