ESWT – Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Gentlemen, do not hide if you have issues with your manhood. There are a lot of options to improve them for you and your partner to have better sexual health which in turn will translate into a better relationship and greater chemistry between you and your partner.  Erectile dysfunction is a very common issue that affects even very young people due to various reasons and factors. There are many ways to treat ED, it ranges anywhere from medications, penile injections and surgical management.  There is adequate therapy for everybody and everybody suffering from erectile dysfunction should reach out for help.

Over the years penile tissue will undergo degeneration just like any other tissue of the body, in other words, your penis is getting old. The blood supply will be impaired and the tissue might not be as healthy as when you were young.  You might not notice it until it’s not functioning as you would like or you may lose its function totally.

In recent years, there has been a new and very exciting development in the area of erectile dysfunction management.  The technology has been widely available in many countries including Malaysia. Many studies about this technology have shown evidence of improvement in ED, hence the excitement!

ESWT works by delivery of ultrasound into the penile tissue of the penile body. This exceeding painless procedure will open up the blood vessels and promote new vessel formation. It will increase the blood supply to the penis which in turn increases the penile size and length as well as the rigidity.

On top of that, ESWT also promotes nerve recovery and regeneration. Your natural medical signals for regeneration will be triggered during the therapy which will cause healing and repair of the damaged nerve and penile tissue. Patients do experience improve sensation which will give you better joy during sexual intercourse.

ESWT is done once a week for a total of up to 12 sessions. As more sessions are done, you should start noticing improvements in size and long-lasting erections.  Treatment produced better results in clients who undergo this in combination with medications such as Viagra will produce even better results.

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