Facts About The Implant For Birth Control! Why You Should Consider One?


The contraceptive implant (Implanon) has been used by millions of women but opinions vary among its users about the benefits of it.This article helps you to discover the advantages of Implanon and why you should consider one.

What is Implanon or contraceptive Implant?

It is a flexible plastic stick which is about 4cm long

How effective is it and what does it do?

It is 99 % effective in preventing pregnancy and it works by slowly releasing a hormone called progestogen which is similar to the hormone produced by the ovaries into the body

How long does it last?

Implanon will last for a duration of 3 years

How do I use the Implant?

The small silicone rod is injected into the inner upper arm by your doctor. A local anaesthetic agent is used to numb the area so you will not feel the pain during insertion. After the Implant is inserted, you will be able to feel it under the skin. This procedure will take less than 10minutes.

There are few myths about Implanon. Let’s clear it up here!

The implant gets dislocated easily and moved to other parts of the body

Fortunately, the Implant doesn’t grow. If it is inserted by a trained professional, you can go for it with confidence.
The only risk factor associated to this is if the Implant migrates to the blood vessel if not placed properly.

The Implant must stay in your arm for 3 years

You get to decide on this more than anyone else. If you are not comfortable with this and would like to try something different after 6 months, it can be removed (for example-if you plan for a pregnancy in between).
Talk to your health care provider about this.

Implanon insertion is going to hurt.

Many of you are worried about the pain. Have no fear, your doctor will definitely use a numbing medicine before putting the implant. That needle prick may feel like a bee sting for a couple of seconds but it gets better right after that.

What is good about Implanon and why you should consider one?

  • It is one of the most effective contraceptives
  • Periods are less painful
  • Once you insert it, you can have sexual intercourse without worrying for 3 years
  • It gives you beautiful skin-acne improves
  • Once removed your fertility returns to what is normal for you
  • It can be removed anytime you wish
  • Lesser bleeding or no periods for those who have been through heavy menstruation before

Can I have the Implant after I have a baby?

Yes, of course. It can be inserted right after you give birth and is safe for breast feeding mothers too.

Many of you might be looking for one of the best options to prevent you from getting pregnant. Consider Implanon after talking to your doctor without further delay. Don’t allow myths or misinformation to stop you from deciding on this.

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