Penis Enlargement Malaysia

Penis Enlargement Malaysia: Everything You Need To Know

Penis size has become a concern of many men these days. It’s well documented that many men correlate masculinity with the size of their penises. “Phallic identity” and Phallocentrism” has been described by physicians as a man who finds his identity in his penis and thinks of his penis as the centre of his identity. Both groups of men believe that the bigger the penis the better, thus giving focus to penis enlargement treatments. Phallocentrism is a common concept amongst men nowadays. Accordingly, these men believe that their chances of being appreciated by their partners, partner satisfaction and performance during intercourse is very much related to the size of their penis.

penis enlargement Malaysia

Penis Enlargement - An Overview

It was found in Greek ancient writings that go back to 200 B.C. that a smaller penis is believed to be superior to a bigger one, however, this concept has changed over the course of years.

It might not distress some of the guys out there, however, this matter can be a very sensitive issue that may affect a lot of guys’ self-esteem and confidence on many different levels, especially when guys start to compare themselves to one another, which some might experience if they have to undress in front of other men or experience what’s commonly called the “locker room syndrome”.

Here at DTAP, we personally have been receiving plenty of enquires asking if there are any treatment options available to increase penile size, and we can imagine that those inquirers have done their fair share of online research regarding this matter.

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Penis Enlargement Options - Managing Expectations

Do these penis enlargement treatment options actually work?

Naturally, us as male doctors have to put ourselves in your position and started our own online research to address the options of penile enlargement offered in south-east Asia market, whether they were scientifically researched or not. 

As you can imagine and base it on the “demand & supply” concept, there are numerous products available online that promise a 1-2 inches increase in size in a matter of weeks.

Those products ranged from creams and gels to vacuum devices, none of which had details for the active ingredients and those who did were ingredients that sounded more suitable for a cup of tea or fruit salad, neither any of them had a review despite being out of stock, which again emphasizes the fact that there are plenty of men who are concerned about such matter.

There is no clinical or documented evidence whether those creams are effective or not. On the other hand, when it comes to using penile vacuums, there are plenty of studies to prove vacuums not being effecting in improving the length or the girth of the penis, they were effective however in straightening the penile curvature and provide psychological satisfaction for the users. Vacuums, however, were associated with plenty of side effects such as pain, bruises and pinpoint bleeding.

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Effective Penis Augmentation Procedures

What are the known effective penis augmentation procedures?

1. Surgery

Surgical procedures such as lengthening phalloplasty or widening phalloplasty have been the only approved method for penile enlargement. Different procedures have been described by a number of urologists and plastic surgeons, each however carried a number of limitations and adverse effects that has to be considered and conveyed the interested patient/client prior to deciding on a suitable method.

Some surgeons have been practising liposuction of the lower abdomen (suprapubic lipectomy) which is helpful in preventing penile shortening effect by the suprapubic fat.

As mentioned earlier, different surgical procedures carry different risks, which should be addressed, fully prior to surgery.

2. Penis augmentation

Different studies have been conducted using different materials to enhance the penile girth. This includes injection of fat or the liquid silicon subcutaneous injection between the penile skin and the corpora cavernosa for an average increase in the diameter of 2.7 cm for a period of 1 year (ranging between 1-36 months).

Nowadays, there are plenty of aesthetic clinics in Malaysia offering hyaluronic acid fillers in these augmentation procedures.

However using these injectables is associated with a certain per cent of complications, which should be addressed with the interested clients prior to the procedure which includes possible bleeding, embolism and undesired cosmetic outcome.

On the other hand, there is the number of published studies which recommend certain injection techniques and promise better outcome and higher satisfaction techniques when implicated in their case studies.

3. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)

Based on the concept of sending low-intensity sound to the penile vessels which leads to improvement of circulation via increasing blood flow and inducing the formation of new blood vessels, all collectively will lead to the increase of the penile girth but not long though. About 75% of ESWT reported to stop using PDE5 inhibitors and most of them reported an increase in size as well. (ESWT is available in both DTAP Malaysia & DTAP Singapore)

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Frequently Asked Questions On Penis Enlargement

Do I need to consider penis enlargement procedure?

Good question to ask yourself prior to consider any procedure “Am I smaller than normal?” and in a matter of fact, many men who think they need augmentation are usually within normal range.

Different paper has been published in this regards, some consider penis with stretched penile length (SPL) of 2.8 inch (7 cm) and more is within normal. other studies done among Caucasians has shown a stretched penile length of 13 cm and 10 cm girth is average both are measured on the dorsal length of penis extending from the pubis or the base of the penis to the tip.

How can you decide on what’s good for you?

Good thing you don’t.

  1. Ask you friendly medical doctor for advise. Proper assessment, measurement and which procedure is suitable for you.
  2. Decision to proceed with such procedure is not yours alone. Speak to your partner, get her /him involved, have them attend the consultations and make a decision together, in the end of the day the size augmentation should be related to the partner sexual preference as well.
  3. Loose some of the lower abdominal fat pad, shave that bush and discover some hidden secrets about yourself. trying few easy tricks might save you the trouble of undergoing unnecessary procedures.

Another important fact to consider that increasing the size won’t enhance your sexual performance or enhance their chance to attract a better partner, however in a survey in Europe, most of women prefer average to above average size that is very common.

Bigger size penises might lead to partner discomfort that leads to less enjoyment during sex. Some couples might consider to be simultaneously treated with male partner getting augmentation while the female partner getting vaginal treatment, rejuvenation or refashioning.

Speak to our doctors for more information on penile enlargement today.

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