Premarital Screening

Premarital Screening Malaysia: What You Need To Know

Matrimony stands as a significant milestone in one’s journey through life—a commitment where two individuals embark on the profound journey of building a shared existence. Amidst the exhilaration of wedding preparations, there exists a pivotal yet often overlooked item on the checklist: premarital screening on each individual’s health.

premarital screening Malaysia

What Is Premarital Screening?

Pre-marital health screening is a comprehensive examination designed to evaluate the well-being of couples contemplating marriage, offering insights into their current health conditions. This essential screening also serves to identify potential health issues, including infectious and transmissible diseases, which could pose risks to both partners and their future offspring when they embark on the journey of starting a family.

Why Go For Premarital Screening

Gaining insight into your partner’s genetics not only enables the adoption of essential precautions and treatment strategies but also facilitates an understanding of their predisposition to specific health conditions, such as cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Armed with this knowledge, you can enhance your ability to provide optimal care for your partner.

In Malaysia, pre-marital health screening is frequently mandated during the wedding registration process. This precautionary measure serves as a valuable tool for couples as they collaboratively navigate their family planning journey, fostering a proactive approach to their collective well-being.

Premarital Screening @ DTAP Clinic Malaysia

At DTAP Clinic Malaysia, we proudly provide an all-encompassing pre-marital health screening tailored to ensure your peace of mind leading up to your significant day.

Our Premarital Screening Packages

Premarital Screening Lite

For a quick rundown of a person's health
RM 100 Nett
  • HIV Testing
  • Syphillis Testing
  • Blood Group Test

Comprehensive Premarital Screening

For a more comprehensive overview of a person's health
RM 350 Nett
  • Blood Group Test
  • Full Blood Count
  • Hepatitis Screening
  • HIV Test
  • Syphillis Test
  • Rubella Test
  • Hb Analysis
*Please note that if an extended doctor consultation is required, an additional consultation fee of between Rm35 to Rm55 may apply.

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