Quit Smoking Package

Quit Smoking Package

This quit smoking programme will target smokers of the age of 20-50 years.

These are the types of smokers we hope to attract to this programme.

A. The career smokers :

  • started smoking in university
  • smokes more when socializing
  • wants to quit to save money
  • never attempted to quit

B. The parent smokers :

  • smoking for years
  • have children
  • tried quitting a few times before but failed
  • wants to quit for health and family reasons

C. Smokers above 45yrs :

  • smoking for more than 10 years
  • would like to quit but don’t know how
  • have comorbids such as diabetes, hypertension,
  • dyslipidemia , heart disease, etc.

What makes this service stand out:

  • This service will be conducted by doctors who have vast experience in this field.
  • Each participant will have an individualized custom made quit plan to ensure smoking cessation success.
  • Availability of Varenicline (Champix) in which patients will need monitoring and supervision from healthcare professionals.
  • Personalized touch such as dedicated whatsapp/email hotline in case there is a smoking urge/ relapse.
  • Availability of tools such as CO breathalyser and quit smoking checklist to monitor the progress of the participant.

Package selling price: RM2800 – RM4900

Package details

  1. One on one smoking cessation counselling – weekly appointments for 12 weeks lasting 45mins – 1hr
  2. Medication: Champix with gum or patch for 3 months
  3. Phone and whats app support during office hours
  4. Follow up contact up to a year of first appointment
  5. Certificate/Plaque after successful completion of programme

Participants will meet with the doctor for an initial appointment to assess individual needs, smoking habits and to develop a personalized plan.

We will provide strategies in preparing to quit and to stay quit. Participants will be closely monitored. We will also assist to work with lapses or relapses.

Participants will be started on NRT and Champix based on their nicotine dependence which will be assessed with the modified fagestrom during consultation.

Estimated cost and selling price of medication during the duration of 3 months programme

ItemSelling Price
Nicorette 2 mg 105’s
1 box (7 strips)
RM1200 (4 boxes)
RM300 / box
Nicorette 4 mg 105’s
1 box (7 strips)
RM1200 (4 boxes)
RM350 / box
Nicorette Patch 10 mg 7’s 1 boxRM1600 (12 boxes)
RM140 / box
Nicorette Patch 15 mg 7’s 1 boxRM1600 (12 boxes)
RM150 / box
Nicorette Patch 25 mg 7’s 1 boxRM1600 (12 boxes)
RM160 / box
Champix Starter Pack
(2 weeks supply) 1 box
RM300 (1 box)
Champix Maintenance Pack
(2 weeks supply) 1 box
RM1500 (5 boxes)
RM300 / box

Consultation with CO analyser (per consultation) : RM80-100 x 12 session = RM960 – RM1200

Package A (Basic Package)

Selling price for Champix and consultation :

  1. Champix : RM 1800 + RM1000(consultation) = RM2800

Package B (Comprehensive Package)

Selling price for NRT combined with Champix and consultation :

  1. Champix + Gum (4mg) : RM 1800 + RM1200 + RM1000(consultation) = RM4500
  2. Champix + Patch (15mg) : RM 1800 + RM1600 + RM1000(consultation) = RM4900

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you.