Vagina Going into Stress

“Psychogenic vaginismus”

Finally had real sex for the first time! 

Several numbers of women experience spasmodic contraction of musculature of the outer third of the vagina involuntarily (vaginismus) when anticipating sexual intercourse. 

Psychogenic vaginismus is the most common psychosexual dysfunction. It can lead to psychological, psychosomatic and relationship issues. The prevalence ratio has increased to 17% from 1-6% from the general population of females. However, studies reported a higher rate of vaginismus in Turkey about 41-58%. 

James Marion Sims who is also known as “father of modern gynaecology” coined the term of vaginismus in November 1861. He has encountered many predisposing factors and until present day, the theory is very different compared to ancient days on how vaginismus can occur. There are theories of negative perspective on sexual thoughts, sexual stress with partner, family conflict, sexual assault, archconservative religious, psychiatric disease and iatrogenic. 

Almost all the women had authoritarian, scary fathers who were preachy. These women’s parents had family conflict and verbal or domestic abuse in their marriage life. Women who underwent vaginismus problems imagine sexual encounters as a violation. Nearly all the women either be present at the act or experience physical violation in their life. 

Treatment options:

When vaginismus has a psychogenic component, an intervention of psychotherapeutic is necessary in addition to a simple treatment programme. A psychotherapist will lead to an excellent prognosis if handled properly. Other than that, exercise can reduce your mental stress and indirectly promote positive outcomes by giving strength to your pelvic muscles. When conservative management does not improve the fear from having intercourse then O-shot will help.

Most recommended procedure for faster outcome is O-shot without serious side effects. O-shot is done by using Platelet Rich Plasma which is by withdrawing blood from your vein and centrifuge it to extract the platlet rich plasma. It will be injected in 3 areas on your vulva. Adverse effect is nil.

O- Shot or Orgasm shot is a new treatment with a high success rate to promote sexual desire and reach orgasm. O-shot receivers reported high efficacy by achieving strong orgasm, high sexual desire, relieving pain during intercourse, promoting more natural lubricant, and reducing incidence of urinary incontinence. O – shot has been reported in study with Brazil women with a high success rate of 94% (64 women) and they are satisfied with the outcome after the first session. It can last for 1-2 years.

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