What’s Your Regular Health Screening Like?

Health screening. Is it necessary?

Health is the most valuable commodity that a person has. It is necessary to maintain good health for longevity as well as to prevent it from ‘breaking down’. There are so many things that we need to do or we want to do. Without a good healthy body and mind, we might not be able to enjoy or do all of them.

For those who own a car or any mode of transportation, it is compulsory for you to send your car for a regular service to ensure it runs smoothly and to detect early signs of any problems with it and that is to maintain it to run for just a few years. You should also treat your health the same way as you will need your health to be top-notch for a much longer period compared to your car. A regular medical check-up at least once a year will benefit you in the long run. Conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and kidney disorders frequently show no symptoms. You can identify and manage your health risk profile. You are able to recognize your potential health conditions and detect early signs of illnesses before they become critical.

If you have a history of cancer in the family, it is very wise for you to have a screening test as early and as regularly as possible because we will never know when and where it will happen. The latest statistics have shown that cancer has been diagnosed at a much younger age nowadays.

Benefits of Health Screening

  • Early detection of diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and cancer
  • Allow you to act earlier if any disease detected
  • Definitely will be a very good investment in the long run
  • As an acknowledgment for you if all the tests came back normal.

Of course, there are other ways to maintain your health such as eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. I’m sure that some of us do not have the liberty to do that and most of us practice a sedentary lifestyle. Later in your life, you will realize that you might have ‘damaged’ or hurt your own health, the most valuable asset in your life. Hence, having at least an annual medical check-up which also includes physical examination and blood taking will potentially detect a silent killer or if all comes back normal it is not wasted, it is an acknowledgment that you have been doing great at taking care of your health.

Take charge of your health and go for screenings regularly.

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